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Palace of Shivappa Naik at shimoga(32kms) : Shivappa Nayak ruled most part of the now Shimoga district, during the 18th century. His capital being at Kavaledurga, this palace built at Shimoga has wooden structures which are still intact. This has been now converted into a museum.
Kuppali(57Kms): Birth place of poet Kuvempu. The home of the poet is preserved and converted into a museum.
Kavishaila (57kms) : A stone hillock near by from where one can see vast stretches of the forest and valleys with scenic beauty. It is said that the poet used to get inspiration for writing at this place.
Kundadri(71kms) : It is a hill station where there is a Jain temple at the top and a pond by the side. Full water will be there even during hot summer. From the top of the hill it is a breath taking view. Also one can experience the cool breeze even in summer.
Sringeri (95kms) : Famous pilgrimage center. Sharada Devi temple is there. Pilgrims from all over India come here for worshipping. Also there is a fish aquarium at the Tunga river which flows by the side of the temple.
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