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Nature's Music Never Stops Here. Live With Nature, Refresh Yourself
Adventure seekers can indulge in boating in Tunga river or Explore the the hillocks, trekking in foot. You can also simply stroll around the estate enjoying the nature. Colorful gardens are a feast to the eyes, where one can relax on one of several sit-outs. It is also the right choice of place for partying, reading or chatting. Other activities one can do is meditating in isolation on hammock or under the tree.

There are also many facilities for indoor games such as carom, chess, and playing cards in the bamboo shed built in the garden. For those who prefer to stretch their body, there is also a shuttle badminton court. One can play games, even in the night under the flood lights. The only sound one can hear is of water flowing in the stream & the cool breeze fluttering the foliage of trees and shrubs.

Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience