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Nature's Music Never Stops Here. Live With Nature, Refresh Yourself
In this electronic age, while the speed beats the distance and hi-tech gizmos provide you the materialistic comforts at home, nothing can provide you the relief from pollution and work stress of the concrete jungle (city life). It has been scientifically proven that stress and pollution have negative effects on an individual. So the search for the place which provides peace and tranquility is on. 

Look no more, if you are searching for relief from the routines of busy schedules in the city life. Inchara, a weekend getaway home away from home, at the heart of Malnad, is here to treat you with luxury amidst lush green nature. 

Relate yourself to nature by feeling the morning dews, chirping of birds, and the enchanting sound of water flowing through the stream and the cool breeze fluttering the foliage of trees and shrubs. 

Inchara welcomes guests to its nature’s enclave, to feel the peace and serene atmosphere that Malnad home stay offers. We like the guests to feel nature's magic and be the ambassadors to global ecology.
Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience